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Our Setup

Purpose built laboratory and flight house. Multiple green-houses for food-plants


Our Breeding Centre is located on a 2 hectare rainforest property. The Breeding Farm features a climate controlled laboratory , 2 flight houses , numerous green houses and acres of specific food plants for caterpillars to enable continuous breeding of most of our species.


Plant care is a vital part of our breeding program a rich and healthy food source for our always hungry caterpillars- the adult butterflies feed on nectar from flowers.

40 % of our caterpillar population is raised naturally on their actual food plant, protected from predetors. Others are raised in the Laboratory in breeding boxes , designed to create the most natural environment for our larvae- specially developed for each species.



It is a surprisingly inexpensive venture to construct a tunnel house with entry and exit allowing visitors to walk through and admire flowers and butterflies surrounding them. Or just a little shade house in your garden where you and your family can enjoy these colourful creatures in their habitat.

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