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Birdwing Butterfly

Ornithoptera Priamus Mutations --golden male and white female.

Silke Weyland became involved in breeding butterflies as a result of research- being the first to establish proof of gender in caterpillars –(published in Australian Entomologist volume 20-1993 and Entomolische Zeitschrift Nr.15 1993) .

She moved on from there selectively breeding from Mutations of Ornithoptera Priamus. The result was unique—a golden male and a white female.

Female  Cairns Birdwing

Male  Cairns Birdwing



Silke’s passion breeding butterflies grew and became her livelihood. Her breeding Centre is fully licensed and supplies all Australian Butterfly exhibits. She is the only exporter of live butterflies in Australia, currently representing Australia in the US and Canada.

Our focus is on breeding successfully healthy populations of Australian Tropical butterflies , giving people the opportunity to experience these elusive creatures in their habitat.

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